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WWII US Paratroops

WWII US Paratroops
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IJA Type 97 "Chi-Ha" 57mm Gun with New Hull

IJA Type 97
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Artikelnr.: DRA 6875
Hersteller: Dragon
Maßstab: 1:35
Material: Plastik
- Smart Kit -
Neuheit 2020

Dragon Info:
This new 1/35 scale model depicts a later version of the Type 97 57mm medium tank. Hence, the kit contains a great many new components to correctly depict the pertinent characteristics. In fact, this kit features a brand new upper hull, lower hull and rear fenders compared to the previously issued Type 97 Early Production. Also new is a stowage box installed on the rear hull plate. The kit was thoroughly researched by a Japanese design team based on investigations and measurements of several surviving tanks. The kit widely employs slide molds so that fewer parts are needed, leading to a perfect balance of easy assembly and accuracy as is normal for Dragon"s Smart Kits. Another highlight are the tracks that can be fitted onto a jig included on the sprue. This allows pre-assembly of track sections possessing an appropriate "droop" to fit over the return rollers on each side. As the Chi-Ha was widely used throughout the Asia-Pacific theater, all sorts of imaginative dioramas are possible.

Achtung! Nicht geeignet für Kinder unter 3 Jahren. Kleinteile können verschluckt werden. Benutzung unter Aufsicht der Eltern.

IJA Type 97

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